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Why birdJam

Most "birdJammers" report that they enjoy birding more and identify more birds because of birdJam. birdJam iPod TouchWith birdJam, you're tapping into five years of innovation and a community of thousands of birdJammers. You're getting a proven product backed by dedicated birders who are focused on creating, delivering and supporting the best technology for birding.

birdJam is simple and fast. Every aspect of birdJam focuses on delivering the highest quality songs and photographs for fast access at home and in the field. If it isn't helpful, we don't include it. When birdJammers go into the field, they most often take their binoculars and birdJam iPods—more often than their field guides, cameras, cell phones and spotting scopes.

birdJam delivers quality. Our bird song collections are renowned for the variety of songs, sounds and chips, their length (with many species having 30 seconds or more of sounds), and their quality. Click here to hear samples of our great songs that include multiple sounds, calls and chips. 

To reinforce your learning, our definitive photographs were selected because they most effectively show diagnostic field marks.

birdJam organizes and formats the songs/photographs for you. With birdJam, here's why you'll be out in the field instead of spending weeks at your computer.

iPod Touch in Cover Flow

birdJam can be customized for your specific birding needs. Many birdJammers create and download custom birdJam playlists to their iPods. Going to a new area? Get the checklist, and then create and study a targeted playlist of most-likely-to-be heard birds. You can also download optional playlists for festivals, sound-alike species, etc.

birdJam content can be loaded to an iPod, iPhone or iPad.  You can load your own or send your device to us for loading. 

birdJam is proven. Since 2005, we've been delivering and improving birdJam for the Apple iPod and iPhone. We regularly release FREE upgrades with new features, updated playlists, new content and data, AOU name changes, additional collections and more. Each year we survey birdJammers, and more than 98% indicate that they are quite satisfied with birdJam. Do we need to say more?

birdJam is dedicated to customer service and support. We are committed to creating an outstanding customer experience through developing the best product for learning bird songs, responding to your inquiries, answering your questions and solving problems. Our survey revealed that more than 98% of customers are pleased with our customer service and support. We're working hard to make that number even higher!

People using birdJamWe've been delivering birdJam for nearly five years, and we continually drive towards excellence and innovation! Thousands of birders happily use birdJam and share their experiences with us. We are constantly humbled and gratified by all the emails and messages we receive.  We sincerely hope that you'll try it, and that you'll tell us what you think. But whatever you do, get out there and have some fun!


birdJam is a powerful tool:  Please use it responsibly.

iPod is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. birdJam is not affiliated with Apple, Inc.

 I want to express my heartfelt thanks that you would take the time to help me customize my "birdPod".
Teri Driscoll support I have found.
Clark Woods
 birdJam is making a tremendous difference
Joanne Hodges
birdJam is the highest quality, most functional audio birding tool I've used.
Connie Toops, Birder's World
Baby wren saved by using a birdJam iPod to call home the parents
Julie Zickefoose, NPR commentator, writer, etc.
 Thanks again for all of the time you spent with me on the phone today. You all really do provide what in Seatt
Carol Rider
 This all worked fine, thank you very much! You have the best customer
Williams Rogers
 Thank you very much for letting me know about the new app. I play it on my new Touch and it does a great job.
Renee Quilleran
 Great product and great support--love it!!
Kathy Cane
 The habitat playlists are extremely helpful both for study and in the field.
Alan Calvert

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