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What birdJam Does

birdJam Maker CDbirdJam Maker organizes and formats bird songs and, in many cases, adds photographs, for specific regions or speciality species collections. birdJam Maker does not contain the songs, but is paired with a specific song collection to:

  • Remove narration and bird name announcements for pure bird song playback
  • Split double tracks so each bird is visible on an iPod
  • Creates alphabetic, taxonomic, habitat, species and other playlists for speedy access
  • Add definitive photographs (for most collections)
  • Rename birds (i.e., an Eastern Bluebird becomes a Bluebird, Eastern) so you find them faster
  • Add scientific names, song descriptions, and information about the recordings
  • Provide bird names in English, Spanish or French

Blackburnian warbler with iPod Touch

Plus, if you have use an iPod Touch or iPhone, the birdJam App adds range maps!

Yes, you could load the bird songs CDs directly to an iPod® without using birdJam Maker*, but then you'd have to do all the formatting and organizing yourself. Most people don't have the time, patience or expertise to do so. And you wouldn't have the spectacular photographs.

Or, you could use the songs without doing the formatting and organizing, but you'd have a cumbersome, slow-to-use tool that would forever-and-always make those irritating bird name announcements.

Many people assume that the birdJam Maker software is loaded onto the iPod. What really happens is that the birdJam-formatted bird songs and photographs are loaded onto the iPod. The formatting and organizing is done in iTunes on a computer, whether it is your computer or ours.

Oh yes, you may have noticed that we use both "birdJam" and "birdJam Maker", and you may be wondering why. birdJam Maker is used specifically to refer to the software, while birdJam is a generic term that can refer to the software, the iPod once the formatted songs/photographs are loaded, etc. We sometimes use them interchangeably which can be confusing. Sorry about that.

*Via iTunes, Apple's free music management system that you've installed on your Windows or Mac computer.



birdJam is a powerful tool:  Please use it responsibly.

iPod is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. birdJam is not affiliated with Apple, Inc.

Video demo of birdJam HeadsUp Warblers, our new iPod/iPhone App!


birdJam HeadsUp Warblers



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