Dear birdJammers...

We hope you had a great Spring Migration and are now enjoying a relaxing summer season. We very much appreciate all your support and welcome all the many new “birdJammers” who joined the flock in the last couple of months. If you need any assistance, just send us an email.

Speakers, speakers, new speakers!

tch_mg At long last, the new shipment of iMainGo2 speakers has finally arrived! We know you have been anxiously awaiting their arrival because within minutes of posting their availability on our web site, orders began to roll in!
At right ...the Cyanics Swing Speaker for the iPod Touch 2G. You can order this “a la carte” or as a combo with an 8GB iPod Touch. Note that this speaker will only work with the latest model (2G) and not the earlier model (1st generation iPod Touch).
We still have the Cyanics Swing Speaker for the iPod Nano 4G available either a la carte or as part of a combo.
Finally, we have also added the brand new i85 TravelSound Speaker for the iPod Nano 4G. This little speaker can really crank up the volume without distorting the sound. Very nice.
We’ve created a comparison table to help you identify which speaker and iPod combo would be best for your specific birding needs, budget, etc.

birdJam and Upcoming Festivals

Several of you have inquired about our festival schedule so you can get some one-on-one time with us. Our next birding festival will be the revitalized Midwest Birding Symposium which is scheduled for September 17-20 in Lakeside, Ohio.

We’ll also attend and teach a workshop at the Georgia Coastal Birding Festival on Jekyll Island, October 8-12. A major benefit of attending this festival is participation in the field trips to the many unspoiled coastal islands that are only accessible during the festival. Don’t miss out.

birdJam Sponsors Birding Adventures TV (BATV)

If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a new birdwatching TV program that is now showing nationwide. Hosted by professional wildlife and birding guide, James Currie, BATV is a unique blend of adventure and information. James uses a birdJam iPod during the show. The half-hour show has a strong conservation emphasis and highlights the importance and urgency of preserving birds. The show can be seen on the Fox Sports Network on Saturday mornings at 7:30 a.m., and at a variety of times on Untamed Sports, a new outdoors cable channel. For more information about the program and when it is being shown, visit Birding Adventures or email James.

Downloading Apps from the Apple iTunes Store

There are now several digital field guides available for purchase from the Apple iTunes Store. These are for download into iTunes and installation onto an iPod Touch or iPhone. They cannot be used on the iPod Nano, Classic, Video or the old Mini’s. If you wish to supplement your birdJam iPod with a digital field guide, you’ll need to make your purchase through the iTunes Store, download the application into your copy of iTunes, and then sync your iPod to download the app. If you have a pre-loaded birdJam iPod, once you purchase the application and have it installed in iTunes, here is how to proceed:
  1. Open iTunes
  2. Plug your iPod into your computer using the provided USB cable
  3. Select Cancel when asked if you wish to erase and sync (VERY IMPORTANT!)
  4. Wait for the iPod Summary Screen to come up in iTunes
  5. Select the Applications Tab
  6. Select Sync Applications
  7. Check the applications you wish to sync
  8. Select Apply in the lower right corner of iTunes
iTunes will then add the application to your iPod without disturbing the birdJam bird songs and photographs. Please follow the above directions very carefully so that you do NOT delete the birdJam bird songs and photographs!

New birdJam "Quiz" Application needs beta testers

We are currently developing a birdJam application for download from the iTunes store (as noted above). It is a really clever quiz to further develop your visual identification skills. You will be able to test your skills and compare your scores to other birders. The highest scoring player periodically will receive a birdJam prize such as module of their choice. If you are interested in learning more, please email us.

birdJam Commitment to Conservation

As we do each year, birdJam contributes five percent of company profits to bird conservation organizations. We again selected The Nature Conservancy as a major recipient of our company contribution because we strongly believe that loss of habitat is the #1 issue resulting in the decline of bird populations. We encourage each of you to identify the conservation organization of your choice, and to give generously of your time and resources.

birdJam “Gifts and Coffee” Coming Soon

We are adding a new Gifts and Coffee category to the birdJam Online Store about September 1st. We’ll include exclusive “nature-related” jewelry and note cards, as well as a selection of shade-grown coffee. We’ll let you know when these new items are available, and we look forward to your feedback about what else you might like to find at birdjam.com.

Signing Off...

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Thanks again for all your support! Enjoy the summer months, and let us know if you need anything from birdJam.

With our best wishes,

Denese, Jay and Charlie