Here's the latest from birdJam as we move into the "Dog Days" of Summer 2007:

birdJam and New Apple iPhones:

Yes, birdJam bird songs run on the very cool new Apple iPhone. Of course, Charlie and Jay had to run right out and get iPhones the very first week (although they didn't camp out so they could buy them the first night). iPhones are only available through Apple and AT&T, so if you want birdJam bird songs on an iPhone, you can load it just like your iPod or you can send it to us to load for you.

Call for Central and South American Bird CDs:

We're currently evaluating Central and South American Bird CDs to add to the birdJam family of bird songs. If you have favorite CDs, please send us an email.

New birdJam Maker Version Now Available:

A new upgrade of birdJam Maker for Windows and Mac is ready for free download from You'll need your account email address and birdJam Maker Serial Number. New birdJam capabilities include:

Space No Longer Available:

Apple has changed iTunes so that you can no longer leave a "space" as a prefix for iPod Lines #2 and #3. The space used to cause the bird songs tracks to be listed before other music when browsing by artist or album name. We've updated birdJam Maker Windows so that you now can choose "aa" as a prefix so that the bird songs are still sorted to the top of the list.

A Youthful Bird Year:

You may have read about 15-year-old Malkolm Boothroyd in the May/June 2007 issue of "Winging It." He's several months into a fossil-fuel-free Big Year. What you may not know is that he's got his birdJam iPod with him as he and his parents cycle from the Yukon Territory to Florida. Read more...

Small Speaker Equalizer On Your iPod:

There are a number of equalizer settings on your iPod to optimize sound for different types of music and playback methods. There is even a setting to optimize sound for Small Speakers! Start at the Main Menu on your iPod, Select Settings, then Select EQ, and scroll down until you can see and select Small Speakers. You may also notice there is a setting for Bass Reducer which may be helpful when you're playing owl calls.

How We Got Started:

We're often asked, so thought you might like to know. Jay and Charlie were taking a Master Birding Course in 2004 from the Atlanta Audubon. They soon realized the power of birding by ear, and Jay decided to load bird songs from CDs to his new iPod. He worked for weeks to split some tracks, remove the narration and organize some rudimentary playlists.

He and Charlie took this very first "birdPod" on a field trip, and they were continually asked, "Where did you get that, and where can I get one?" They immediately knew they were onto something, and when Denese saw it, it took her 30 seconds to say, "How do I sign on with you?"

Two-and-a-half years later, thousands have signed on as birdJammers, and we continue to innovate while keeping sharp focus on our mission: Delivering easy-to-use yet sophisticated audio-on-the-go for birders, complete with outstanding and knowledgeable service.

While we are so gratified to receive frequent emails such as the excerpt below, we also want to hear from you if you have any problems or criticisms. Please email us or call 1-800-403-5524 ext #1 if you need assistance. We promise we'll do our best to make it right with you.

Excerpt from July 27, 2007 customer email: "I want to thank you for your excellent personalized service.  You do an outstanding job of helping your customers and keeping them informed. You guys are great." Perhaps comments such as that are why our #1 source of new customers is current birdJammers.

Please keep in touch! With many thanks and best wishes, Denese, Jay and Charlie