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In The News

Palm Warbler singing (c) iStockPhoto

Everyone knows that the difference between good birding and truly great birding often depends on one’s ability to identify birdsong. Unfortunately, many bird watchers, myself included, are fairly skilled at the watching part but not so hot with the listening and identifying.

Help has finally arrived in the form of a brilliant piece of birding gear. The birdJam is a simple, yet elegant solution to an age-old dilemma of bird song identification. To wit, there has never been a greater abundance of resources to help develop one’s familiarity with bird song, from books and CDs to software and websites than exist today yet none of these items are exactly convenient to deploy out there where the birds actually are. A birdJam-enhanced mp3 player, on the other hand, is most assuredly both convenient and portable.

Mike Bergin at 10,000 Birds


If you want to learn birds songs, in a whole new super-fast way, get birdJam.  To access bird songs on the birdJam, you just push the center white button then run your thumb or finger around the gray dial to quickly scroll up or down the bird lists. It just takes seconds to do this and is much faster than loading and unloading CDs in and out of a CD player and finding the right track.

Don & Lillian Stokes


I think the people at birdJam have provided a valuable service to a large segment of the birding community, making the application of nifty new technology easier and more accessible.  From a practical standpoint, their products offer excellent value...when you compare the time savings and convenience versus individually editing each track yourself, it's still a pretty nice deal, saving you hours of rather boring work.

Jeffrey Gordon, Bird Watcher's Digest


birdJam may lay claim to revolutionizing how we birdwatchers listen to and use bird sounds and songs.  Thousands of birders consider an iPod an essential tool that allows them to enjoy birding more and to identify more birds.  Listen to Episode #14, "This Birding Life," BirdWatcher's Digest Podcast.

Bill Thompson III, editor, BirdWatcher's Digest


When I (Jeff) started birding back in the late 1970s, people used tape recorders.  Now, a most useful bit of technology is the iPod.  It is incredibly easy to get random access to tracks.  It is unbelieveable the amount of material that can be carried.

birdJam has done a really nice job of making it really easy to have a set of (bird) vocalizations without announcements because you can see what's playing by looking at the display on your iPod.  They have also added photos and done a nice job of packaging all that up.  Listen to Episode #3, "This Birding Life," BirdWatcher's Digest Podcast.

Jeff Gordon/Bill Thompson III, BirdWatcher's Digest


Whether you use your birdJam outdoors or indoors, it is a great teaching tool, helpful for committing calls to memory and sharpening your ear.  Before visiting a particular field, forest or marsh, for example, I review the playlist that corresponds to that habitat.  I select individuals calls or listen to challenging groups, such as eastern warblers, western sparrows or shorebirds.

Whether learning new calls, verifying unknown birds, or obtaining closer looks in the field, birdJam is the highest quality, most functional audio birding tool I've used.  With birdJam in one hand and binoculars in the other, I'm fully prepared for my next birding adventure.

Connie Toops, Birder's World


Here are 6 reasons why we love the birdJam software: 

  1. Removal of name identification
  2. Use in the field
  3. Used with an iPod
  4. Easy to use
  5. Packaged deals available, and
  6. Add-on modules.

The installation was super simple although I am rather computer savvy so I might not be the best judge. But the software tells you step-by-step what to do. In less than 20 minutes or so, the narration’s gone, the tracks are split, the playlists are added and your bird songs are ready to be listened to.

Eddie Callaway, aka "The Bird Freak"


Every birder will have to have one of these.  Accessing a comprehensive bird song library using birdJam is way more convenient than dealing with multiple CDs--there's really no comparison.

Lang Elliott, NatureSound Studio


The ease and convenience of using birdJam to organize my Stokes CDs was well worth the price.  I definitely like that the songs were automatically organized into obvious playlists.  It's so small that I carry my birdJam everywhere.

Sharon Stiteler, aka "The Bird Chick"


BirdJam is a heck of a value -- every component, including the iPod, is significantly discounted. The total package is spectacularly worth the cost. They even offer free upgrades and new capabilities all the time. These folks are pretty terrific! In fact, they donate more than 5% of their profits to bird conservation.

Scott Cronenweth,


All in all, BirdJam is one of those products you get and then wonder how you ever got by without it. I use it and fully endorse it. It has saved me time, lightened my pack weight and raised my birding enjoyment to a new level.

birdJam Maker software earns 5 out of 5 stars from BirdOculars.

Jeff Jones,


Thank you so much for saving me hours of editing, providing me the tools I need, and making my job as a tour leader so much more easy.  birdJam is a great product, and I recommend it to anyone who is a student of bird song.

Andy Griswold, Connecticut Audubon Society


birdJam is such a powerful and helpful birding tool that I wouldn't consider going into the field without it.

Melody Kehl, Outdoor Adventures in Birding


With its system of playlists...., the iPod shines by making your entire music collection available in an instant. 

Rick Hoyer, a WINGS tour leader, commented in the article:  "Such a great tool.  The little iPod and a small external speaker now take the place of a heavy and bulky Sony TCM tape player, a stack of about six cassette tapes, and a mess of laminated cards with the bird names and counter numbers.  It now takes no more than 10 seconds for me to pull up any bird voice."

Noah Strycker, ABA Birding Magazine


Learning bird vocalizations is one of the most effective ways to improve birding skills....Like many things in life there's a hard way and an easy way to do this.  (birdJam is) well worth the price when compared to the hours taken to accomplish these steps before the birdJam era!  One of birdJam's goals is to enable any user to access any track in under 15 seconds--easily obtainable with minimal practice.

Bill Schmoker, ABA Winging It Newsletter


Julie is s a writer, naturalist, NPR commentator, watercolor painter, gardener, etc. She also recently saved a baby wren by using a birdJam iPod to call the wren parents back to take charge of this apparently forgotten fledgling. Head over to NPR to hear her story.

Julie Zickefoose, NPR commentator, writer, etc.


As the host of BATV I can say with 100% certainty that this is the best bird sound technology around. It is so simple and easy to use. As a relatively new birder to US soil I have found it incredibly useful to update and refine my field birding skills. Before we film at any location in the US I always use my BirdJam to familiarize myself with what I may be hearing on our expeditions in any given area. We've come a long way from just a few years ago when bulky tape recorders and then fragile mini-disc players were the birding guide's equipment of choice. I also love the company's adherence to responsible birding ethics and their commitment to educating birders to use BirdJam in a responsible manner.

James Currie, Birding Adventures TV


BirdJam is a wonderful system that is easy and fun to use.....  I would be a very happy camper if I found it under the tree this Christmas.

Mark Degner, Outdoor Photography Canada


birdJam is a powerful tool:  Please use it responsibly.

iPod is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. birdJam is not affiliated with Apple, Inc.

 I am loving your HeadsUp Warblers app. I presented it in a recent workshop I led for our local Audubon chapter
Lori Faust
 What wonderful, fast service. Thanks so much for all your help. I am just so pleased with the way
Annie Laurence
 I recently received a birdjam iPod Touch and I can't tell you how much I love it! I have learned so many new b
Allan Collins
 I am very pleased with the customer support
Mike McNalley
 Let me tell you one thing... The birdJam iPod and speaker I got from you is the best money I've ever spent on
Caroline Philips
 I want to say what a great idea the BirdJam is.
Chad Carter
 I use Bird Jam primarily in at least three ways
Jonathan Gartner
 I have managed to add my music without trauma; I have downloaded a book from B&N; and I can now play Scrabble
Susan Wright
 I want to express my heartfelt thanks that you would take the time to help me customize my "birdPod".
Teri Driscoll
 Everytime I go out my door and hear a bird song (I think it's Nashville Warbler and this weekend I think I hea
Anne Huske

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