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What does "Restore" mean in iTunes?

Are the Stokes CDs required for birdJam Maker?

How to install birdJam: The App if You Loaded Your iPod Yourself

How do I install or upgrade birdJam: The App on a preloaded birdJam iPod?

How do I decide which iPod model will be best for me?

Where can I find the Installation Instructions?

Is it hard to install birdJam myself on an iPod?
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1. What does "Restore" mean in iTunes?5/10/10
2. Are the Stokes CDs required for birdJam Maker?10/6/08
3. How to install birdJam: The App if You Loaded Your iPod Yourself12/15/10
4. How do I install or upgrade birdJam: The App on a preloaded birdJam iPod?4/26/11
5. How do I decide which iPod model will be best for me?5/10/10
6. Where can I find the Installation Instructions?5/10/10
7. Is it hard to install birdJam myself on an iPod?5/10/10
8. Manual Loading Info for the Stokes CDs1/11/11
9. How to Change Your iTunes Account on a Pre-loaded birdJam iPod1/31/11
10. How do I repeat one bird song on my iPod?3/20/09
11. Can I optimize my iPod to play through small, portable speakers?5/10/10
12. How to Get birdJam to Work on a Cell Phone or Other Non-iPod Device6/30/10
13. Does birdJam run on the iPhone?4/20/09
14. Error: The System Administrator Has Set Policies to Prevent This Installation3/5/09
15. What do I do if my iPod doesn't respond?10/6/08
16. Can I create my own playlists?5/10/10
17. iPhone and iPod Touch Rewind button does not work properly4/20/09
18. My iPod screen keeps gong dark; how do I get it to stay lighted up?10/6/08
19. Should I download new versions of iTunes and/or iPod software when they are available?10/6/08
20. birdJam: The App Did Not Find Any Songs on My iPod12/15/10
21. iPod Locked Up10/6/08
22. Error Number 429: Cannot create ActiveX component10/6/08
23. AppleScript Error, iTunes Error -36 or Error -20810/6/08
24. Does birdJam Maker work with bird song CD sets other than the Stokes CDs for East and West?5/10/10
25. Manual Loading Info for Bird Songs of Georgia CD Set6/10/10
26. How are the bird songs and photos organized?5/10/10
27. How to Install birdJam Maker on Windows XP5/10/10
28. I have a pre-loaded birdJam iPod and want to add music (the human kind) to my iPod; how do I do that?2/17/09
29. How much space do both the Eastern and Western bird songs and photos require?5/13/10
30. How do I get birdJam: The App to recognize new modules?12/15/10
31. birdJam Maker only updates Eastern or Western bird songs (not both)10/6/08
32. iTunes message: Updating will delete all media...1/26/11
33. In Windows, do I have to delete the current birdJam Maker before downloading a new version?10/6/08
34. Where can I get a manual for my iPod?10/6/08
35. How to Delete All of the Stokes Tracks5/5/09
36. Do photos work with all iPod models?10/6/08
37. Why do some bird songs start in the middle of a track?4/20/09
38. iPod Nano Video (3G) Freezes10/6/08
39. Cannot get HeadsUp Warblers to sync on a pre-loaded birdJam iPod1/26/11
40. How to Keep Bird Songs Out of Music Shuffles5/10/09
41. I am missing one or two bird songs. How can I reload just the missing songs without reloading everything?10/6/08
42. Will birdJam run on brands of MP3 players other than the Apple iPod?5/9/09
43. Manual Loading Info for Voices of North American Owls CD Set6/10/10
44. Can I enlarge the photos on the iPod screen?10/6/08
45. I bought an iPod from you. What do I do with the Stokes CDs?10/6/08
46. Can I use my iPod as an alarm clock?10/6/08
47. How to upgrade birdJam: The App on a preloaded birdJam iPod12/15/10
48. How to Install birdJam Apps12/15/10
49. Error: Dir function must be first called with a Pathname argument.4/25/09
50. When I try to run birdJam Maker I get error 32797 'Library not Registered'4/2/09
51. Exception from HRESULT: birdJam Maker does not work with WAV files10/6/08
52. Manual Loading Info for Yucatan CD Set6/10/10
53. Must I delete the current version of birdJam Maker before downloading a new upgrade?5/10/10
54. How many steps are involved in a download?10/6/08
55. What to do if birdJam: The App cannot find some of your birdJam modules12/15/10
56. Exception from HRESULT10/6/08
57. Manual Loading Info for Frogs and Toads of North America CD6/10/10
58. How big is the birdJam Maker download?5/10/09
59. Where do I enter the serial number for a birdJam Maker Add-On Module?10/6/08
60. In birdJam: The App, I get the message: "Song not found in Music Library"12/15/10
61. What serial number do I use when I want to download a new birdJam Maker upgrade?10/6/08
62. From where can I download an upgrade to birdJam Maker or how do I replace birdJam Maker if my computer crashes?10/6/08
63. Manual Loading Info for Costa Rica CD Set6/10/10
64. Does your birdJam Maker software organize my extensive collection of bird songs that I already own?5/10/09
65. Bird songs are mixed up with my Album and Artist names10/6/08
66. Are photos included with birdJam Maker?5/14/09
67. How long will it take to learn how to use my birdJam iPod?10/6/08
68. What comes with an iPod?10/6/08
69. Does birdJam Maker remove the narrated bird name that is on the front end of each bird song track of the Stokes CDs?10/6/08
70. How do I install a birdJam upgrade so I get the photos?10/6/08
71. Error: CRC checksum mismatch10/6/08
72. File permission error on Macintosh with external hard drive10/6/08
73. Is an extended warranty available for an iPod?10/6/08
74. How do I avoid deleting the bird songs from my pre-loaded iPod?10/6/08
75. Can I add my own (or other) photos to birdJam?10/6/08
76. I hear narrator announcements of bird names2/28/09
77. Can I use my birdJam iPod to quiz me on bird songs?10/6/08
78. Error Number 91, Line 2026010/6/08
79. I downloaded birdJam: The App but now iTunes says the App is not compatible with this iPod5/13/10
80. I thought I installed the photos but they don't show on my iPod; why not?5/9/09
81. How can I find out more detailed information about iPods and iTunes in general? 10/6/08
82. How do I get rid of the "clicker" noise on my iPod?10/6/08
83. How to Get birdJam to Work on a Creative Zen Player10/6/08
84. How many computers and iPods can I load from one copy of birdJam Maker?10/6/08
85. Are there rules or guidelines for broadcasting bird songs in the field?10/6/08
86. birdJam Maker won't accept my serial number; what's wrong?4/21/10
87. How do I update the iPod software on an older iPod Touch?9/9/10
88. zz or aa Prefix with birdJam for Eastern Warblers10/6/08
89. birdJam: The App freezes on the startup page6/1/10
90. How to install birdJam for Eastern Warblers4/23/10
91. My iMainGo speaker seems to be intermittant and sometimes doesn't work at all10/6/08
92. How do I move installed birdJam playlists from my old iTunes to iTunes on a new computer?7/29/10
93. Error on track 298 in Windows10/19/08
94. How to Find Your Customized birdJam Playlists if You Install birdJam: The App5/10/10
95. Western species recordings cut off1/27/11
96. Error: Unspecified error on line 225294/25/09
97. How to Correct Information for birdJam Supported CD Sets6/10/10


 I am enjoying my birdJam immensely.
Martha Thomas

Mark Degner, Outdoor Photography Canada support I have found.
Clark Woods
 I love birdJam. I pull it out while I am hiking with people. People are so excited to find out what the bird a
Ann Hudson
 “Wow! The birdJam HeadsUp Warbler app is really cool. I love the comparison feature—it’s so educational. And,
birdJam Reviewer
 This is the best $59 I have ever spent!! One thing I love is being
Sandra Mayer
 I had thought birdJam was the best thing ever, but the App is even better. It's much easier to get to the righ
Frank Alpert
 I've has pulled off extraordinary feats over the years I've owned birdJam. Hats off to the clever person(s) wh
Diana Griffin
 After reading a number of blogs re BirdJam -BirdForum I am firmly convinced
Ed Armstrong
I can say with 100% certainty that this is the best bird sound technology around.
James Currie, Birding Adventures TV

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