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Customer Reviews

This is perhaps the most useful bird song learning device ever and has saved me from un-numbered misidentifications.

Jason Mithral 


Have been putting my birdjam through it's paces the past couple weeks trying to fill in gaps in my photo life-list. Your product is really great, one of my better purchases. Keep up the good work!

Linda Watkins 


birdJam's pairing of bird songs and calls along with the excellent photos on the device not only facilitates learning to identify birds by sound but accelerates the process.  When preparing to go birding, I now pack three essential tools: My binoculars, my field guide and my birdJam.

Jean-Yves Martin 


birdJam has been a wonderful discovery - reasonably priced and very useful.  The website is comprehensive and informative, and assistance is promptly and kindly provided.  I found the company to be very responsible as it stood behind its products when I encountered an issue with a third-party item. 

Kathleen Mulch 


I work as a biologist in the field 6-8 months of the year. This product has made my job easier and the others I work with (even the vegetation people) are very excited by this and love being able to listen to all kinds of birds and frogs on long trips. They enjoy being able to learn the common birds and I enjoy being able to help them. It is awesome. At Christmas my mother-in-law bought me the frog and warbler modules as well as an iMainGo. Your service to her was impeccable and I was very impressed at how well you dealt with someone who knew nothing about the products and made them feel confident in the purchase.

Howard Allis 


We have been strong supporters of birdJam.  We have often suggested to others that they make this purchase.  We have at least one confirmed purchase from our recommendation, and several others that are awaiting an occassion to make this purchase.  THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!  THANK YOU BIRDJAM!!!

Bob Smithouse 



Great product and great support--love it!! 

Kathy Cane 


Best tool I've seen for sharing birds up close to others. Their jaws just drop!

Dan Harper 



Beautiful pictures. The songs are so lovely and clear.

Matthew Watson 



I very rarely use playback for birding purposes preferring to be patient and wait for the birds to show.  However, as a field researcher studying grassland songbirds I will use my birdjam ipod and imaingo2 to call singing males into a mistnet in order to colorband them for a government authorized study.  The birdjam is great but the imaingo2 could use a remote control for this application.

Dave Salter 



Great product, enjoy using it in the field and at home to learn songs before I go into the field. It is also a great tool if used responsibly.

Brad Arden 



I have added multiple birds to my life list using my Birdpod.  I could not do without it.  I love it!

Casey Fortnum 



5 minutes ago it just helped us figure out that the mystery bird cruising around and calling loudly in the dark each evening around 8pm is a short-eared owl.  Still can't see it, but the call is certain.  Thanks!

Rodney Davis 



I am a retired, old man, but have been a bird lover all of my life.  Birdjam has been a lot of fun for me.

James Albany 


The support staff is terrific and I always get my questions answered promptly and appropriately. 

Jessie Wilson 



My husband is disabled and loves to know what he hears even if he can't walk and see.  The service I received was GREAT.


Susan Warnick 



I am extremely pleased with my birdJam ipod.  It easily fits in my bird bag or pocket for easy access.  The size, the feel, the sound, the ease of finding the right bird quickly all are more than satisfactory. 

Barbara Batheson 


I use Bird Jam primarily in at least three ways:  First, I have a high-frequency hearing loss, so that I use Bird Jam as a way of picking up some parts of a song which in the field I may not hear.  Secondly, I use it to refresh my memory of a bird song such as the difference between a Scarlet Tanager and a Rose-breasted Grosbeak (which I sometimes forget when I don't hear it often).  And thirdly I use it to confirm back home what I heard in the field if I am not sure of the song.  It has become useful for those three things.  I rarely use it to call in a bird.

Jonathan Gartner 


I love my birdJam. My husband got it for me for Christmas. I use it all the time. We live in the woods on 80 acres of land, on a river, so I see a lot of birds. We feed a lot of song birds also. It has been a great tool to identify the birds we see and hear.

Linda Schmidt 


I can't image not having birdjam, with all its info in a small pkg.

Robin Meyers 


Love the product, and technical support is excellent.

Jarrod Jordan 


A great tool, every birder should have one.

Brandon Woodruff 


Excellent product. Impressed that you continue to make improvements and loving it.

Brenda Dewit 


Great product and best support I have found.


Clark Woods 


I am very pleased with the customer support that I recieved when ordering a product. Very responsive and very helpful.  I am happy to recommend birdJam to other bird enthusiats.

Mike McNalley 


Remain an avid fan of your Birdjam. Great tool, works well with beginners and volunteers at my MAPS station. Overall terrific product.

Robert Surrey 


I use it in my ornithology class and I think its a great learning tool. My students can also use the playback function to do research.

Lynne Shifferman 


Awesome product!  Wish I had owned one ten years ago.

Doug Downing 


Birdjam has made me a more confident birder and helped elevate me quickly from the beginner to intermediate + level. I also listen to the calls just for enjoyment to help me get through the long winter and unsettling economy. It can be very calming and take  me to  a different place just like music can.

Laura Wright 


Despite having no prior experience with an iPod, I was able to get birdJam up and running without difficulty.  It's quite a nice pocket sized unit that I'm sure will cause envy among my friends.  Thanks again for your friendly service.  It was a pleasure to deal with you.

Noel Raymond 


Your instructions were very helpful.  I marvel at birdJam's versatility, coverage and quality of photos and recordings.  I am also very impressed with the quality of your organization, including your humility, marketing and product quality.  Thanks for all your help and understanding.

Jimmy Brevard 


Having the bird sounds so convenient with birdJam is moving me into the next level of birding.  Up until now I was a good spotter and identifier, but the songs never really 'stuck.'  Now I can quickly contrast what I am hearing in the field with my birdJam iPod to test my tentative identification.

Andy Bonnett 


I received my iPod Touch this morning (Sat.). Thanks so very much for all you did in getting the iPod to me before my Florida trip. Both birdJam and the iPod are really awesome, beyond my expectation. This is the first iPod I have owned, and I think it was was money well spent."

Margaret Cassin 


I want to thank you for your excellent personalized service.  You do an outstanding job of helping your customers and keeping them informed.  You guys are great.

Frank Waterman 


Your birdJam software is amazing.  My son and I have used CDs for years, but the ease of getting to individual species with birdJam really makes it possible to use the recordings in ways that we tried in the past but gave up in frustration.  Your birdJam playlists, i.e., fields, forests, etc., are suitable for banding applications.  A wonderful product.

Michael Eubanks 


I have recommended your software to many, and love it.  In the past 25 years, I have tried and discarded 3 tape players, 2 CD players, and 3 portable speakers.  Finally, I have a system that it workable.  Thank you, thank you.

Carolyn Sandler 


I love it.  Thanks for a great product.  I teach university-level ornithology, and it's been a big hit with my students.

Pat Sutter 


I was very impressed with your staff when I had trouble placing and processing my order.  They personally called and emailed, and had the problem sorted out in short order.  Thanks to you and the wonderful service provided.

Sandy Schultz 


We enjoy our birdJam iPod very much and do not go birding without it!

Joyce Matthews 


This is a great product and excellent learning tool.  We use it in classes for teaching and certainly in field research.

Ed Johnstone 


birdJam people are very willing to help.  They offer good advice, and I was pleased with each of them I spoke to.

Tina James 


I just want you to know that your instructions in birdJam were outstanding!  I followed every step carefully and am now enjoying my birdJam-loaded Nano iPod with no problems along the way.  Thanks for a great product.

Greg Humphrey 


It's a great device!  Probably a lot easier for the grandchildren to use, but we are getting there!

Mary Leigh 


I am very pleased with my birdJam.  I use it most during spring migration (I'm in New Jersey); it's great for helping to identify warblers.  I always have it with me when scouting for the annual World Series of Birding in April and May, when I'm spending a lot of time in the field.

Mike Tipton 


We are so grateful to have a tool that we can take into the field to help us with bird identification.  The birdJam was especially helpful when we traveled to Canada to see warblers.  After studying before our trip using our birdPod, we practiced our skills in the field, where we again used the birdJam to confirm our 'educated identifications' based on song.  Instant reinforcement (or NOT as the case may be).  We tell every birder we encounter about the benefits of birdJam.  However, we do caution its use for calling up birds, especially any that are considered endangered.  We must always be aware of the difference between what we CAN do, thanks to new technology, and what we SHOULD do, based on birding ethics.

Duane Griffin 


I received my birdJam as a present from my husband.  I love it!  The software is fantastic and my birding by ear will be much less of a challenge as a result.  I had a problem getting started, and I am grateful for your tremendous customer service.  I will highly recommend a birdJam to all my birding friends.  Not just becuase it is a great product, but also you stand behind your product!

Carol Mathison 


 birdJam is making a tremendous difference to studying bird calls before we go out and for immediate verification (or not) of calls right in the field.

Joanne Hodges 


I want to say what a great idea the BirdJam is.  We've already enjoyed it thoroughly and think its a brilliant idea.  We are avid advanced beginner birders and own the BirdIdentiflyer, which although its cute and fun, isn't as effective or helpful in the field as we would like.

Chad Carter 


I am enjoying my birdJam immensely. I’ve used it in the field but my greatest enjoyment is using it at home, either before or after I go out. It’s fun and challenging trying to match the bird songs with what I’ve heard outdoors. I still classify myself as a beginning birder, and the portability of the birdJam makes it an excellent tool for me.

Martha Thomas 


birdJam eliminates the species announcements which helps us study without the crutch of being told what we’re about to hear. We like that birdPod has one bird per track so we can listen to only the calls we desire. The habitat playlists are extremely helpful both for study and in the field.

Alan Calvert 


Couldn't be happier as birdJam is elegant, highly portable and easy to use. Most valuable new tool!

Steve Williams 


I don't know of a better way to check calls while in the field. The small size of the iPod plus the inclusive vocalization library is a great combination. It is also a great way to review/learn vocalization before going into the field.

William Reichert 


I have just received my new birdJam. The playlists are well organised and it took a few seconds to zoom in on a bird I hope to see on an upcoming trip. The sound was great and you can easily adjust the volume. If you have never used an iPod you will find it easy to use. This is definitely the way to go to learn bird songs. I just love the ease of use and this is going to be useful not only for learning at home but in the field. 

Esther Powell 


Not only is birdjam one of the best programs I have used, it is definitely the best support I have ever received.  Thanks so much.  I really appreciate it.

Terry Coswell 


This is the best $59 I have ever spent!!  One thing I love is being  able to have the songs play and seeing if I can tell who it is!

Sandra Mayer 


Wow! Wow TWICE! My iPod came today = amazing shipping service, 
AND.....I can't believe what a package you guys have put together. My 
impetus for getting the iPod came from birding with a friend who has 
one, but my exposure was secondhand, and brief. Having one in MY 
hands, even for the hour or so I've played with it, is truly amazing. 
Maybe its that I've been somewhat of a Luddite when it comes to this 
technology, but I'm simply blown away not only by the touch 
capability, but even more so with the way you guys have set things up.

John Bullock 


Your instructions were perfect.  I was able to reinstall the software and the bird songs without help from my techie offspring.  My iPod is ready for spring migration and our Atlas Project.   I must say how much I appreciate your support.  It is second to none.  I will continue to spread the good word about your products and service.

Aileen Pope 


I recently loaded my iPod with birdJam and just identified a blue winged warbler and a veery in my backyard. I love birdJam!

Andi Folkner 


I recently received a birdjam iPod Touch and I can't tell you how much I love it! I have learned so many new bird calls in a very short time.  Thanks much!

Allan Collins 


Thanks for your typical fast and informative response to my questions! It is always a pleasure working with folks who are serious about their business.

Marcus Sikes 


Just wanted to drop you a note of appreciation for the prompt delivery (ordered it 5/11 and received it 5/15) of the Birdjam I ordered for my wife. The Cyanics speaker system is fantastic. I am able to hear most of the songs on it whereas with the older speaker (round, can't remember name) it's impossible for me to hear a lot of the songs.  It's pretty clear that you guys not only deliver a great product but fantastic service as well.

Robert Coleman 


I just wanted to send a note of thanks on your product, especially the well-written instructions on how to prepare and load the product onto an iPod ; it has to be the best instructional notes I have ever received in my life with any purchase.

Bob Branding 


 I love BirdJam and can't imagine going birding without my iPod now!

Nancy McIntire 


I really appreciate how accessible and helpful you are- this ability to communicate quickly is "over-the-top" for any business much less an on-line one.  You're the best!

Gary McNarry 


You guys are terrific!  Not only did we get our order super fast......plenty of time before my hubby's birthday........but everything was packed well and exactly as described.  My hubby was soooo pleased, and immediately started playing with his new toy.  He LOVES it!  Thanks again for such great service!

Abby Garretson 


You people at BirdJam are wonderful, and the software is fantastic. My problem was that I had not installed version 3.2, and was not aware of the extent of the upgrade. It's phenomenal!

James Gilbert 


birdJam is really great! Thank you so much for the advice on the proper unit to get. I am very very pleased at the ease of use, the clarity of the recordings and terrific external speaker combination! I can't wait for you to add more regions!

Bill Stern 


I want to express my heartfelt thanks that you would take the time to help me customize my "birdPod". I think other companies probably would have just said I needed to buy the latest version of their product. I really appreciate that kind of support!

Teri Driscoll 


You might be interested in how this grandma has adapted to the new iPod touch.  I can't count the times I have exclaimed about the fantastic technology.  Just adding the bird photos is worth the upgrade, but the inclusion of the printed info about the calls was an unexpected bonus.


I have managed to add my music without trauma; I have downloaded a book from B&N; and I can now play Scrabble when I have a few minutes to spare.  My only disappointment was being told I couldn't purchase a particular astronomy program because my iTouch wouldn't support it.  did find a free app of the night sky, and I'll keep watching for another.


All in all, I'm very pleased, and I know this iPod will get used much more than my Nano. Thanks for encouraging me and for walking me through my decision.

Susan Wright 


You guys are awesome. It's been great to see the company grow. I love the new birdGems! They are absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to see more (maybe a few with a smaller price tag :). Keep up the wonderful work, and thank you for providing us bird lovers with such great product.

Velma Johnsen 


birdJam and your service and care for your customers is phenomenal.

Michelle Kaiser 


I am continually amazed at the quality of support as well as the timeliness of your responses.  You folks continue to be the BEST! EVER!!

Jean McQuarry 


I have birdJam and love it. I also got the warblers CD and the frogs  toads CD.
I work outside and take it to work and over lunch we all listen to the songs
that we thought we heard and either learn a new song or reinforce what we
already know. It's been a great tool for me...and fun to share!

Marcy Hatt 


I don't order very many things online, but your company has,

without a doubt, the best customer service out there (not to mention also a fantastic product!)

Kathryn Younger 


You are WONDERFUL!!  The reset solution worked and everything is fixed.  I have iBirdExplorer and Birdseye now, but my birdPod is still essential equipment for the field.  Thanks again for a great product and AAA service!! 

Gail Schneider 


Great product in such a small & easy to carry package.  Can'tt wait for the spring migration and getting into the field.




Douglas Whitehouse 


LOVE my Birdjam :)

Jacques Linde 


Thanks again for all of the time you spent with me on the phone today. You all really do provide what in Seattle we call the Nordstrom's customer service.  Way to go!

Carol Rider 


I took birdJam out with me birding at the Beanery in Cape May this morning and it was great to have along.  I can see that it's going to be really helpful to me in learning bird songs.  Thanks for such a great product.

Walter Bertback 


Thank you SO MUCH!!!  You guys rock!  I tell all my birding and wildlife photography students about y'a'll!

Marvin Booknight 


I've has pulled off extraordinary feats over the years I've owned birdJam. Hats off to the clever person(s) who came up with it!

Diana Griffin 


I was sure that you all were a good company based on all the information gleaned from the Internet and customer reviews on the products on other sites besides your site. But I would not have and did not expect such personal service with your reply e-mails. Thank you for your care and concern. I know that my wife will love the device and program and it will help her to become an even better birder than she is already.

Albert Kong 


We love your product, it has really helped my wife and I learn birdsongs.

Matt Anderson 


BirdJam is a great tool.  I'm into my fourth year of birding, and being able to bird by ear with increasing effectiveness makes the hobby so much more enjoyable.  I often drill myself when driving or traveling by air, and I nearly always bring the iPod with me when birding-either with earbuds or a portable speaker.

Richard Kliner 


On a trip to Skagway Alaska I heard a sound I couldn't identify. 65 and 72 year old brains aren't quite what they use to be.  I thought it might be a Varied Thrush and sure enough the birdjam confirmed it!

Janice Cross 


Thank you very much for letting me know about the new app. I play it on my new Touch and it does a great job. It makes my identification of birds soooo much easier.  

Renee Quilleran 


I recently lost all of my loaded software due to a computer crash.  I thought I could live without Bird Jam, but there is really nothing like it when you are in the field. 

John Francis 


Birdjam app works flawlessly.  By the way I had no problem doing the update. Your help is very much appreciated.  Birdjam is an absolutely brilliant product.  Keep up the good work. 

Paul Thornton 


Thanks and really appreciated your kindness and attention to all my questions. Thanks for the awesome support. 

Elsa Fisher 


I had thought birdJam was the best thing ever, but the App is even better. It's much easier to get to the right bird, and range maps are a major help in the field. (And of course I don't have to tell you how much easier it is to carry an iPod than a field manual).


Frank Alpert 


It's a great program. I've recommended it to several of my birding friends. I'll be ordering the eastern version soon as I find there are occasions where there are eastern birds deciding to visit California. Thanks for your help and the work you do.

Rich Silbert 


I lead hikes and do a lot of bird biology work and the birdJam is the greatest tool. I would be lost without it these days. I teach the ethics of it in my hikes and I use it a lot for field work. It is a great tool to work with.

Mark Wircinski 


Everytime I go out my door and hear a bird song (I think it's Nashville Warbler and this weekend I think I heard a MacGillivray's), I want my birdJam available to check my ears. 


Anne Huske 


I would just like to say how much I appreciate the customer service.  With so many unique and proprietary software, I find that many make it difficult to move to another computer without paying for something.

I have only had to contact BirdJam a few times (usually related to a new computer) and every time I have received very prompt, courteous service and NEVER been asked to pay more.

Leigh Hoyt 


I love birdJam. I pull it out while I am hiking with people. People are so excited to find out what the bird actually looks like that is calling. It is a great educational tool!

Ann Hudson 


BirdJam is my "hands-down" favorite birding accessory and I really hate to leave the house without it!

Barb Tenent 


I love birdJam, and use it alot when birding.  I have managed to score several life birds by identifying them by their song on the iPod. The photos are great to have, too!

Miriam Faber 


Wow! The birdJam HeadsUp Warbler app is really cool. I love the comparison feature—it’s so educational. And, as one expects from birdJam, it is a sleek, elegant and intuitive design. Looks like you guys have another hit on your hands.

birdJam Reviewer 


I love the new warbler app! Especially like the variety of songs that are
available with each bird.

Sue Sherling 


I just downloaded both your apps from iTunes. What a great idea. I truly enjoy it and can't seem to put it down. Well done.


Fred Franzen 


I just purchased the HeadsUp Warblers and I like what I see.   Can't wait for Spring to start using it in the field.

Alyson Leonard 


You guys are amazing--the rumors that you give great customer service are indeed true!!!  Thanks so much for your special efforts to get my order shipped so quickly.

Bob Palmer 


After reading a number of blogs re BirdJam -BirdForum I am firmly convinced
that your product is rated as the best of its kind.  But what is even
better, is the gracious, sensitive and generous treatment of prospectve
clients by the staff of your company.  Of course, I am referring
specifically to folks like you who take the time to reply to Gomers like me!

Ed Armstrong 


Wow!  I sure didn't expect a response on a Sunday afternoon.  Thanks!  Double wow!!  Your assistance was what I needed to get the western birds loaded on the ipod.  Thanks, Thanks!!

Joe Williams 


Everything worked like a charm.  I am all set up on my laptop and everything is loaded onto the iPad.  You are wonderful to work with. 


Katherine Andrews 


You guys are awesome, thanks for the (timely) support! I'll download the files a little later today.

Erik Johnson 


I love your products and find them the most practical stuff for my world of
biology and the odd nature hike! BirdJam makes my birding season.  Keep up the good work.

Mark Walters 


You are wonderful to work with and I can't wait to get my hands on your birdjam bundle.  For years I have mixed up the calls of the Black-throated Blue and Black-throated Green warblers.  The BirdJam warbler module will be really helpful as learning and remember their calls is especially tough.  Thanks again.

Brian McHenry 


I love the new birdJam apps.  I'm having a lot of fun playing with the quizzes in the various habitat sections.  This is what I was trying to do with my iPod, only better!

Kathy Dublin 


I am loving your HeadsUp Warblers app. I presented it in a recent workshop I led for our local Audubon chapter and the participants all loved it too! Great job on this app.

Lori Faust 


You were very helpful and very quick. I now have an iPod loaded with birdJam songs and an iPad loaded with HeadsUp Warblers. Another satisfied customer, Rich

Rich Robertson 


I just downloaded HeadsUp Sparrows from the iTunes Store. Nice app! I love HeadsUp Warblers and was expecting the sparrows app to be great as well and I was right. This is a sparkling-good app.

Laurie Foss 


I just received my order for a pre-loaded iPod. It far exceeds my fondest expectations!  Thank you so much!

Teri Spradley 


Love birdjam but can't play it when the dog is around!


Patti Carpenter 


I love birdjam!  We've had a lot of sparrows in the yard this spring and while I know quite a few of their songs, I've come inside to verify who's doing the singing with the photos and songs that birdjam puts all together.

Sandy Laugers 


You have made my day!  I cannot wait until I can try out BirdJam.  Thank you very much for ALL your help. I really enjoy doing business with the BirdJam folks.

Florence Hawthorn 


You have a great product and excellent support.  I would recommend your product to anyone! Thank you so much for your help.

Josette Watter 


I must let you know that BirdJam is so very  handy.  We were recently
on a sand dune in search of a Prairie Warbler.  I had the members of our
little group huddle together and I played the song on the iPod for just us
to hear.  In that way, everyone could not only look, but also listen.

Florence Howerton 


The birdjam app is amazing! Thanks for making such an awesome product. I'm sure I will be getting the warbler and frog jams soon too!


Emily Nolan 


Your response was breath-takingly fast and I really appreciated that.  I took the leap and got everything on to my preloaded "birdjam iPod touch" with nothing erased.   I apologize for not thanking you sooner.

Betsy Otts 


I was not familiar with iPods and Charlie in Tech Support was so helpful and patient in explaining the various steps.  You really mean "you work with each customer" even when it isn't a Birdjam problem.  Birdjam is a great product!  Thanks for the help!

Shirley Burns 


Your speedy response was very helpful to me. It's true what your happy users say: You guys are a great resource and supremely helpful. I'm so glad I discovered you!

Darla Greerson 


This all worked fine, thank you very much!  You have the best customer
service I have experienced in years.

Williams Rogers 


Thanks so much for all your help and what you have done to allow my husband to lose the tape player and enter the tech world of birding.  We love it!

Melinda Halper 


I just wanted you to know how much enjoyment birdJam provides the whole family, even the grandchildren. I've loaded all my birdJam apps onto an iPod iTouch so we can spread the educational fun around.


Debbie Mink 


I love your software for all my bird songs.  I am a professional ornithologist, and I use your products on a daily basis.  The headsup line....most useful and relevant birding application ever made.  The interface is flawless.  The birdjam app....perfect.  Are there any plans for additional headsup apps?


Al Mitchell 


It worked!!! No wonder your web site is so full of praise for support, you
people are wonderful. Thank you again!!!  Pat

Pat Able 


Let me tell you one thing... The birdJam iPod and speaker I got from you is the best money I've ever spent on birding.  Thanks again!


Caroline Philips 


I got it to work and everyone is happy and we saw a Sandhill Crane yesterday, and we love birdJam.  Thank you.

Peggy Clauson 


I just wanted to tell you that birdJam is an excellent tool that we use in our Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation classes.

Susan Beckett 


 Love BirdJam! Fantastic tool!

Dawn Hubberton 


The birdJam web site is a wonderful teaching tool!

Robert Barre 


Your company has AWESOME customer service! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

Patti Troop 


We love BirdJam, and our IPad goes with us every time we go birding.  Now if we could just rememberr the name of that bird ......... it's awful being old and having no memory!

Susan Belle 


Have to tell you that investing in the Birdjam has been a wonderful
experience. It was a gamble as I had never expected to  learn the bird songs
thinking it was only for the super talented. As it turns out I had been
tuning out bird sounds in order to reduce my frustration level. Now I listen
all the time. Seems it is true that you can teach an old dog new tricks. I'm

Felicity Erickson 


IMPRESSED. I bought the new ipod (5th generation) and installed all the birdJam stuff.  It worked like a charm, and then put it on my ipod.  Everything worked great.  The instructions are very clear, the procedure is easy.  It may be a little expensive compared to some other bird apps - but - I think well worth it.   I also downloaded the free birdJam app from itunes.  Continued to purchase Heads up - Warblers, Heads up Sparrows and birdJam Twitch.  Needless to say, I am EXTREMELY happy with apps. 

Jeannine Berkhaus 


What wonderful, fast service. Thanks so much for all your help. I am just so pleased with the way
everything worked out! Thanks to all of you.

Annie Laurence 


birdJam is the best!  I look forward to using birdJam with great
excitement.  I've been wanting it for years!

Anita Carrington 


birdJam is a powerful tool:  Please use it responsibly.

iPod is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. birdJam is not affiliated with Apple, Inc.

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birdJam....well worth the price
Sharon Stiteler, aka "The Bird Chick"
From a practical standpoint, their products offer excellent value...saving you hours of rather boring work.
Jeffrey Gordon, Bird Watcher's Digest
Last year's birdJam review we gave 10 out of 10 feathers and we feel that rating still stands strong.
Eddie Callaway, aka "The Bird Freak"
birdJam is a great product
Andy Griswold, Connecticut Audubon Society
,,,well worth of price when compared to hours...before the birdJam era!
Bill Schmoker, ABA Winging It Newsletter

Mark Degner, Outdoor Photography Canada
BirdJam is a heck of a value...
Scott Cronenweth,
Every birder will have to have one of these.
Lang Elliott, NatureSound Studio
Believe me, this (birdJam) is one five star product review you donít want to miss!
Jeff Jones,
Baby wren saved by using a birdJam iPod to call home the parents
Julie Zickefoose, NPR commentator, writer, etc.

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