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Sounds of the Scarlet Tanager
Piranga olivacea

Shortcut: A robin with a sore throat; chip-burrr

Song: The male's song is a sequence of buzzy, robinlike phrases: queer, queerit, queereo, queer, given with long pauses between songs. The song is often described as sounding like a robin with a sore throat. At dawn, males sing more continuously, interspersing calls with songs. Females may also sing, particularly while gathering nest material or food—their songs are usually softer and shorter than those of males.

Call: The most commonly heard call sounds like chick-breee or chip-burrr. It is given by both sexes during territorial disputes or in the presence of danger, usually accompanied by drooping wings and flicking tail.

Bird songs copyright 2011 by Lang Elliott. Song descriptions adapted from the book Common Birds and Their Songs (Lang Elliott, 1998: Houghton Mifflin Company) and other material by Lang Elliott. Contact: Nature Sound Studio. Photographs copyright 2011 by Brian Small and Robert Royse. All rights reserved.

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